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The Mapmy team is based on Australia′s Gold Coast (lucky us) however, it is supported by contributors from around the world. Mapmy is a collaboration of numerous individual, team and commercial efforts working towards bring you the next generation of smart services for your PC or mobile device.

Mapmy is at the leading edge of location aware, smart services capable of delivering location centric, meaningful information to you on your PC or mobile device. It is a safe and personal way to share your stories, news, views and favorites with friends, the community or the world in real time.

Mapmy is a window to the real world and was developed for users to truly connect with as well as participate in their community. Whether your interest is social, sport, politics or a combination of all 3 Mapmy can keep you informed, connected and active.

Mapmy was built for you, no hidden tricks or agendas simply a cool map system that allows you to get more out of life and your local area. The people, businesses and offers are real, local and are a part of your world so you won′t be ambushed with irrelevant ads and propositions. Sport plays a big role in how we interact and we welcome sporting clubs and bodies to be a part of the Mapmy community service.

We take your privacy seriously and the user validation process is part of the service that makes Mapmy a safe, useful and fun platform for all ages. We truly hope you enjoy the service as much as we have in creating it. On behalf of the staff, contributors and supporters of Mapmy we welcome you to map your world.

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Mapmy is looking for talented and enthusiastic people from a variety of backgrounds. If you are a designer, programer, marketer or public relations guru we would like to talk to you.

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