• Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mapmy?

Mapmy is a social map; it helps you connect to the people, places and activities in your local area. It provides you with real time location centric information, value offers and contacts.

What does it do for me?

Mapmy provides you a personal interactive map that displays real time views in your local area. You can add your view (news, opinions, photos, favorites and activities) or browse others. You can share them with just your network or the entire community. It a great way of connecting with the people, places and activities in your area.

How much does it cost?

Mapmy is free to all personal users and non-profit organisations. Business accounts start from just $1 dollar per day.

Who will see my profile?

Your profile can be restricted to your network or made public, you can share as much or as little as you like.

Is my privacy protected?

We take your privacy extremely seriously and go to great lengths to protect it. You are in control of how much or how little you share. For further information please read our privacy policy.

Who is using Mapmy?

Everyone is welcome to join Mapmy however we reserve the right to restrict anyone abusing the system or people on the system. We do our best to allow friends and like-minded people to grow their own private networks so you can freely share with people you know and care about.

Why a map?

A map makes browsing real time, location relevant information easy. At a glance you can see what’s on and where, one more click you can see details, contact and can soon even see a live camera feed. Consider Mapmy your real time window to what’s going on in your world.

Who is Mapmy?

Mapmy is collaboration between a number of people and companies. The project started in 2005 as a simple mash-up. From there it developed into a social mapping system then an advanced open (GIS) geographical information system. Many features were added and market testing was carried out in Queensland Australia. Mapmy Aus Pty Ltd was incorporated in Queensland Australia in 2007 to manage the further development and marketing. The software has been in testing for about 6 months and will be as released in beta in November 2009.

What is a view?

A view can be a short text message, a photo story, an opinion poll, a favorite place, a specials coupon, activity etc. Basically location centric news, views and reviews that you add to the map for public display or restrict viewing to only your network. It is an easy way to display a short message, share a story or photos, collect and share public opinion, attract a crowd or offer a discount.

Who will see my views?

The privacy setting on a views can be set to public where it will be open to the entire Mapmy community or restricted to just your network. Views are displayed on both the map and on your and your networks view page.

How do I add Mapmy views?

To add a view simply click on the Add a view button on the home page or the tool at the top of your view page. Instructions on creating a view are on the tool.

Can I send and receive views on my mobile phone?

Mobile views are coming soon.

Can I add a view in a different region or country?

Yes simply set the location on the map when you create your view (see instructions on page).

How long will it take for a view to appear?

Generally a view will be displayed as long as it is relevant, the most recent views are defaulted to the top of the search results, activity views may be removed after the event has finished, and inappropriate views will be removed immediately. If a view is relevant to a participating business such as a review it can be linked to the business indefinitely.

Can I edit or delete views?

Yes go to your view page, find the view you wish to edit or delete and click the respective edit or delete icon. You can remove views of others from your view page by clicking the delete icon this will only remove them from your page however.

How do I find views?

You can browse views on the map and results page below the map by selecting the respective select box of the category you are interested in. Select multiple check boxes will display multiple categories. Unselect check box to remove from display. Note you can results by list or grid with or without map simply by clicking on the respective icon on the top left of the results text.

How do I see views out of my map area?

Simply zoom out using the zoom tool on the map to see a wider selection of views. Views displayed are relative to the map area being displayed.

Can I post a view about my business?

Yes currently views can be posted about a business however they are restricted to, independent reviews, special offers delivering real value to the user or activities relevant to the community. These will be closely monitored and quickly removed if they are found not to meet the guidelines. Mapmy reserves the right to remove any content it finds not in line with its publishing standards and ban any user without any prior warning. Note businesses can add a paid listing to the map click here for more details.

Why has my view disappeared?

Your view may have been tagged as inappropriate, may be found to be irrelevant or not inline with the publishing standards. Mapmy reserves the rights to remove any views without any warning or recourse by the user. See our guidelines for more details.

How do I create a poll?

On your home page click on ‘Add my view’, or from the tool on your view page click on ‘Add an Opinion’ see instruction on the right panel or click here.

How do I email a poll out to my contacts?

When you create a poll you can email it out to your contacts by simply adding your email address and respective password to the fields provide at the bottom of the poll.

Can I have multiple questions in my poll?

Yes you can add multiple questions and multiple answers however keep them short to receive a higher participation rate.

How do I add a poll to my website?

Coming soon you will be able to add a poll to your website. we will keep you posted.

How do I share the results of my poll?

The results currently are available on your view page to your network and anyone who participate in the poll. If you make the poll public it will also be shared on the map. Coming soon are advanced results management tools.

How do I create a simple text message?

On your home page click on ‘Add my view’ and enter text see instruction on the right panel or click here, or from the tool on your view page simply enter text and click share.

How do I create a photo slideshow story?

On your home page click on ‘Add my view’, or from the tool on your view page click on ‘Add a Slideshow’ see instruction on the right panel or click here.

How do I grow my network?

You can invite people to your network by using one of the 4 options in the grow network tab in settings:

  1. Import and invite people from your mailbox.

  2. Upload an email list and send out invitations.

  3. Email friends directly.

  4. Search on the Mapmy website.

In addition when you forward out a poll to your contacts any who participate in your poll will be added to your network, you can remove them at anytime. Word of mouth, tell your family, friends and contacts to find you on the Mapmy system.

How do I invite my friends?

If you have their email address then use of the above method, if not you can simply invite them to join Mapmy and look you up on the system.

I have changed my email address how do I login?

If you remember your password you can simply login and change your email address. If you do not you can request we send you an email to your secondary email address. If you have changed both your primary and secondary or do not have a secondary email address you will have to create a new account and you may loose all previous data.

How do I change my background color/image?

Simply click on the design tab from the setting menu on the top right of page. Here you can select one of our templates backgrounds or upload your own.

How do I edit my background image?

You can adjust the image background alignment and tiling by using the tools under the corresponding title. Use the micro page grid set the location of the image on the page; note the scroll bars to the right and below the grid to scroll the image left right or up down. The four boxes to the right will tile the image horizontally, vertically, quad etc. The two boxes to the right of that will set the image as static (above) will fix the image so the interface moves across it as you scroll up or down or dynamic the image moves with the interface. The clear screen image to the right of that will do just that clear the image. You can use a combination of images and colour to get the desired affect for example with the beach image you can set the background colour to sand to extend the sand colour down the page.

How do I set my email alerts?

Click the notification tab from the settings menu on the top right of the page. Using the radio buttons to yes receive or no do not receive the respective email alert.